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The Straubing Public Library is located in the historical “Salzstadel” close to the beautiful river Donau and offers more than 80.000 media, including books, magazines, audio books, DVDs, BluRays, CDs and ebooks. Almost all of them can be borrowed.


Our library stock extends over two floors:

On the ground floor you will find the library for children with children`s books, audiobooks, board games and software for learning and playing. For adults we provide educational books as well as books about leisure and hobbies. Other media here include magazines, children’s and family DVDs and BluRays. Our cafeteria provides you with all kinds of daily newspapers.

On the first floor is the management of the library.

On the second floor adults will find fiction books, non-fiction books and audio books as well as music CDs, sheet music and maps. Upstairs we also offer specific sections for young people, senior citizens and foreign citizens.



Location and opening hours

Rentamsberg 1

Opening hours


94315 Straubing



fon: 0049 9421/9919-30           

Tue, Wed, Fri

10 am - 6 pm



  9 am - 6 pm




10 am - 1 pm

OPAC - Online Public Access Catalogue

You would like to know if a particular book or CD is available or where you can find it at our library?

You can look up all media in our library catalogue (www.webopac.stadtbibliothek-straubing.de).



General Information


For registration just bring your identity card or passport or your certificate of registration. Refugees need to bring their residence permit. You will receive a non-transferable library card from us. Children and young people under 18 need their parents’ permission to register. For this, a form must be filled in.


Fees and fines

For children up to 18 years, our library service is free of charge.
The annual fee for adults is 20 EUR, the reduced annual fee 10 EUR (for students and severely disabled persons). A one month membership is 3 EUR.
Anyone holding a “Straubingpass” or permanently unemployed persons only pays 10 EUR per year.

Refugees with a valid residence permit benefit from a one year membership free of charge.

We collect a late charge if you do not bring back your media on time (0.10 EUR per day for children; 0.20 EUR for adults). Additional charges incur for issuing a substitute library card, for reservations, for inter-library loans as well as for media not returned to the library. 


Loan period

Books, maps and language courses can be borrowed for 4 weeks; magazines, games, audio books and CD-ROMs only for 2 weeks. Music CDs, console games and DVDs/BluRays can be borrowed for 1 week.


Renewing Media

Your media can be renewed twice, provided that the book has not yet been reserved by another borrower.


Information and advice

If you need help with your literature search or require any information, please do not hesitate to ask our librarians on the second floor. 


Internet service

For two hours a day you can use our free Wi-Fi with your own smartphone or laptop. If you do not have any of your own, you can rent one of our internet surf-stations. The fee for 30 minutes of internet surfing e.g. is 1 EUR.


Inter-library loan

Literature, that is not available in Straubing (mainly required for academic purposes), can be obtained via inter-library loan. If you are interested, you will receive further information at the information desk on the second floor.


Virtual Library (Onleihe)
In our virtual library you can download ebooks, eaudios and epapers 24/7 with your PC or ebook reader. This service is free, but you need a library card.


Service for foreign citizens and refugees
Our library offers books, games and language courses for learning German in our new section “Deutsch lernen (learning German)”. You can listen to language courses or German audio books at our listening point on the second floor. Library users with a different first language will find novels in English, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian and Arabic as well as multilingual children’s books in our stock.

Children and young people

Children and young people

A considerable number of customers of the Straubing library are children and young people. 

The items for children in the children’s library range from picture books, children’s books, audiobooks to software for learning and playing. Story hours and story book theatre for children take place at our library on a regular basis.

The teen lounge “BlueOrange” provides special literature for young people between 13 to 20. About 3,000 different items such as music CDs, games, console games, comics, mangas and books on lifestyle, boys & girls, mystery, fantasy & sci-fi and thrill can be found here. Many young people use the teen lounge to do their homework or to surf the Internet.


At our “Study Centre” we offer educational books for different school subjects as well as guidebooks for career choice and job application. Since January 2008 we have provided a special service for pupils and students: If you make an appointment with us beforehand, we help you and hand out advice on how to find literature on a particular topic for your presentation at school or university at our library.

Kindergarten and school service

Kindergarten and school service

Our library works closely with the kindergartens and schools of both Straubing and the county to develop information literacy and promote reading.

Special services for schools and kindergartens:  

  • class visits: guided tours for pupils show them how to find information for school work and leisure activities
  • class sets of books: collection of books to be lent to schools for use in class
  • boxes with different items on topics such as the nature or Egypt to be lent to schools for use in class
  • introduction to literature search for examination papers

Introduction Video

This introduction video shows important information about the Straubing Public Library. It was created by Sonja Fischer, librarian at the Straubing Public Library, for her English training course at the University of Applied Sciences in Potsdam.

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